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Pramac and Motul will establish a key commercial partnership for the supply of factory-level first-fill lubricants for PowerGen equipment and beyond, network service filler products and co-marketing activities. Extreme weather events are becoming ever more frequent and public utilities are often exposed to stress on the electric distribution systems.

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Businesses and critical service operations simply cannot afford a power outage, no matter how short in length they may be.

Backup power systems are therefore a need to avoid disruption of services and consequent damages deriving from a power outage. Acasă work rieti though the uncertain and opțiune tactilă period that we are all facing, due to the global pandemic, the company decided to pursue its mission of continued growth and to keep on investing in new business prospects.

acasă work rieti

The Bahrain offices opening is indeed a strategic move to expand Pramac presence in an area that is crucial for the power energy business and that can lead to many commercial opportunities, enriching the company business network.